The 25 Best Reality TV Shows of All Time
Redbook 2hrs ago
Ah, reality television. A stellar way to ignore the state of the world and focus on what's important: Other people's drama. The genre has been around since the '70s but didn't get popular until the '90s when MTV gifted us the powerhouse that was and forever will be The Real World. After that, we saw a boom of reality-TV content. From playboy bunnies revealing what it's really like to live in the Playboy Mansion to belting your heart out for a golden ticket to Hollywood, networks couldn't get enough of the stuff. And while reality tv is great and all, there's also a ton of it. From The Bachelor to Top Chef, we've got a wide variety for pretty much every person on earth. Here are the best reality shows of all time—not in chronological order, don't yell at us if you think this is a ranking!—and where to find them. Some of them are lost in the abyss that is YouTube. Others just require a Hulu subscription. Either way, you're about to be entertained for hours on end. Who knows, maybe you'll find your next new favorite show.
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