Kumail Nanjiani | Train Like A Celebrity
Prevention 2hrs ago
Kumail Nanjiani became the Marvel Cinematic Universe's latest (and most surprising) hardbodied celebrity last December when he shared, in his words, a "thirsty shirtless" post, immediately jolting the trajectory of his acting career into overdrive.  For the pop culture world, Nanjiani the superhero truly arrived the moment he posted the photo. For the actor, the moment had been a long time coming, with countless hours of work behind the scenes on his body—we were there with him then—and more importantly, on his acting career to be in the perfect position to be cast as Marvel's first South Asian hero. You probably know how this has played out (and if you don't, catch up here with Nanjiani's wide-ranging Men's Health cover story). Now, Nanjiani is pulling back the curtain to share even more about how he was able to bulk up and the particular inspirations he used to get there. He hosted the Men's Health film crew at his gym with his trainer Grant Roberts.
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