Swae Lee Survives Nearly Fatal Car Accident in Atlanta on New Year's Day: 'Wear a Seatbelt!'
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Things could have turned out very differently for Swae Lee (né Khalif Malik Ibn Shaman Brown) this New Year's Day.

a close up of a man: Amy Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty; Mike WiLL Made-It/Instagram Swae Lee, wrecked vehicle © Provided by People Amy Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty; Mike WiLL Made-It/Instagram Swae Lee, wrecked vehicle

On Friday, the Grammy-nominated rap star (who is one half of hit duo Rae Sremmurd) and Grammy-winning producer Mike Will Made-It were involved in a serious car accident that could have taken both of their lives, according to the latter — who added that the two are grateful to have only sustained minor injuries.

On Instagram that same day, Mike Will Made-It (né Michael Len Williams II), 31, shared photos of the totaled Ferrari vehicle in which they were traveling. He detailed the incident in his caption, writing: "ME & SWAE WILLY MADE IT OUT THIS MF (motherf—er) ALIVE 🙏🏾🤞🏾w [sic] JUST A COUPLE BRUISES. THANK U [sic] GOD. I'M PAYING ATTENTION TO ALL THE SIGNS. 2021, WE TURNING LEMONS TO [sic] LEMONADE ALL YEAR ... WE COULD HAVE BEEN DEAD EASILY, BUT WE MADE IT OUT WITH JUST A COUPLE BRUISES, WE [are] HERE FOR A REASON 👂🏾🥁🦾 #rip812SUPERFAST 2021NOMOREHOLDBACKS."

a close up of a man: Swae Lee, wrecked vehicle © Amy Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty; Mike WiLL Made-It/Instagram Swae Lee, wrecked vehicle

Photos showing Swae Lee's facial injury have been circulating online.

a person standing on a stage: Christopher Polk/NBC Swae Lee © Provided by People Christopher Polk/NBC Swae Lee

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A rep for Swae Lee, 27, did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment. A rep for Mike Will Made-It could not be reached. A spokesperson for the Atlanta Police Department confirms that the accident took place in the Georgia city but tells PEOPLE the unit is not able to find information regarding the incident, given the limited data available.

The rap star commented on his longtime collaborator Mike's initial announcement post, writing, "It ain't [sic]our time." Fellow star Pharrell Williams was among those to like the photo set. It is unclear whether the crash was a single-car accident or if other drivers were involved and may have sustained injuries. Details regarding the time, place and potential other passengers are not available.

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Soon after the collision, Swae Lee wrote a brief public service announcement (PSA) of his own on Twitter, urging individuals to follow safety measures while driving to prevent possible injury on the road. Wrote the star, "WEAR A SEATBELT!!" He followed up with a similar tweet, writing, "F— looking cool, click that seatbelt."

On New Year's Eve ahead of the accident, the "Black Beatles" hitmaker shared a photo of himself standing in front of a yellow vehicle — possibly the one involved in the accident. He captioned his Instagram post, "Happy New Year 🎉 Turn your lemons to lemonade."

In the photo, Swae was pictured wearing a small bandage above his eye. Some commenters took notice of the dressing and inquired about it on each of the several photos which showcased what appears to be a minor wound.

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