How 13 famous chefs make scrambled eggs
INSIDER 2hrs ago
How 13 famous chefs make scrambled eggs Scrambled eggs are an easy-to-make breakfast staple, but there are little things you can do to step up your scramble. We turned to some of the most famous celebrity chefs to see how they scramble their eggs.  From serving them on a hot plate like Alton Brown to adding smoked salmon like Bobby Flay, Heston Blumenthal, and Ree Drummond, here are scrambled egg recipes from famous chefs.  Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. There are so many tricks to cooking the perfect egg, but the world's most famous chefs have their own methods.While you may expect these chefs to go all out with exotic egg recipes, extravagant cooking methods, or over-the-top ingredients, their tips and tricks for making scrambled eggs are surprisingly simple.Here are 13 scrambled egg recipes straight from the kitchens of your favorite chefs. Read the original article on Insider
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