The Best Diets for Women That Go Beyond Weight Lost
Redbook 2hrs ago
Whether you're reevaluating your eating habits as part of a New Year's resolution or you've been dealing with some health issues that have caused you to take a second look at your diet, it's never a bad time to be more thoughtful about the fuel you're putting in your body. Dieting is often associated with weight loss, and though it can be great for that purpose, there are diet plans for women that have benefits beyond a lower number on the scale. So if you're looking at trying one of the best diets for women, it's worth considering what your nutritional goals are beyond weight loss. “Good nutrition starts with providing your body with the nutrients it needs, rather than starting with weight loss,” Laura Prince-Feldman, MS, RD, CDN, CDE and professor of nutrition at LIU Post, tells Woman's Day. In fact, the singular focus on weight loss can be counterproductive “For so long, weight loss was associated with eating high carbohydrate diet plans that led to high consumption of poor quality carbohydrates that had zero nutritional value. The message of good nutrition got muddied into people eating tons of carbohydrates in the pursuit of low-fat diets, which in turn contributed to the obesity epidemic,” Ginger Schirmer, PhD, RD, tells Woman's Day. To help you find the benefits including weight loss and beyond, Schirmer, Prince-Feldman, and Georgie Fear, RD, CSSD laid out the best diet plans for women that focus on nutritional balance, improved health, and physical and mental well-being.
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