12 Ways to Lose Belly Fat in 2021, According to Experts
Eat This, Not That! 2hrs ago
12 Ways to Lose Belly Fat in 2021, According to Experts It's a perennial struggle that many people face: how to lose that pesky belly fat? Flabby tummies don't just bug you when you're trying to fit into your favorite skinny jeans: Belly fat can actually be hazardous to our health."It's important to reduce belly fat because this visceral fat lies in close proximity to vital organs of the body, including the kidneys, liver, and digestive organs," says Dr. Josh Axe, D.N.M., C.N.S, founder of Ancient Nutrition and author of the upcoming book Ancient Remedies. "This type of fat can more easily enter the bloodstream and cause health issues like clogged arteries and hypertension."But unfortunately, if you ask our experts, targeting belly fat is a bit of a herculean task."Despite what the late-night infomercials would have you believe, one cannot lose belly fat without reducing overall body fat, and the belly is one of the body's primary fat repositories," explains Robert Herbst, personal trainer, and 19-time world champion powerlifter.Jeanine Duval, certified Kaivalya yoga instructor and co-founder at Edelwyn, agrees."The notion that spot-targeted exercises are effective is more based on hope than actual proof," she says. "Although it would make everyone's life easier if there was a specific exercise that would remove belly fat, in reality, it's not so simple."And while it's impossible to spot-target fat loss no matter who you are, for some, the task of reducing belly fat becomes even more difficult due to simple genetics."Some people will carry extra weight on their bellies, some on their thighs, hips, butt, and so on," says Michael Julom, CrossFit athlete, ACE-certified personal trainer, and founder of ThisIsWhyImFit.com. "They will lose this last. If you're predisposed to lose belly fat, you will do so quickly, at the beginning of your weight loss journey. If not, you will have to lose weight over your whole body in order to reduce fat around your midsection."But resist the urge to throw in the towel! There is hope for losing belly fat, and it lies, not in targeting the belly, but in losing fat in general."Overall weight loss translates to a smaller waistline in addition to a smaller number on the scale," says MyNetDiary's in-house registered dietitian, Johanna Kriehn.And what's more, according to our experts, there are a few ways to help stubborn belly fat become a worry of the past. And while you're at it, try out any of these 15 Underrated Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work.Read the original article on Eat This, Not That!
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