The worst years in history (yes, worse than 2020)
Cheapism 2hrs ago
Historical Hardship It's fair to say 2020 was a lot of things: traumatic, stressful, challenging, and — for far too many — heartbreaking. "2020 has been the perfect storm of stress," says Seth Gillihan, a clinical psychologist, bestselling author, and head of therapy at the self-therapy app Bloom. "It's brought disease, deaths, lockdowns, job losses, and financial stress, plus culture wars and bitter political divisions. The only small consolation might be that we now have better tools than we used to for dealing with it." But while it might have been the worst year many of us can remember, history will likely prove it to be far from the worst year ever. Bloom consulted 28 American and British historians for their opinions on the most stressful years in history. The results, starting with the most recent, provide a lot of perspective. Related: 50 Facts You Learned in School That Are Actually Lies
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