Lucky Foods That Could Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet (Well, We Hope)
Redbook 2hrs ago
Around the world, people welcome a new year in different ways. From incomparable firework shows in Australia to water gun fights in the streets of Thailand, commemorating the new year comes in many ways, shapes, and forms. But one thing that all celebrations have in common? Food. Whether you're feasting on your favorite meal or munching on foods that'll bring you good luck in the new year, there are countless New Year's Eve food traditions that people follow worldwide in hopes of starting the next chapter of their lives on the right foot. Some traditions call for noodles, while others call for cakes, but regardless of how different the meals may be, in one way or another, most New Year's food traditions signify forward movement, prosperity, and health. After a year like 2020 that's had so many heartbreaks, disappointments, and hardships, primarily due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, welcoming a new year is bound to feel even sweeter than usual. With newly introduced and approved vaccines on the horizon, 2021 can feel like the breath of fresh air most of the world has been longing for since March. But for the time being, the coronavirus rages on, reaching new, record-breaking numbers of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths every day, which is why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is advising against large gatherings this holiday season. So, while your annual New Year's Eve party may be out of the question, you and your quaranteam can still celebrate the new year in your own way, like throwing a taste-testing party complete with New Year's Eve food traditions from around the world. And though you may not believe that what you eat on Dec. 31 can play a part in the next year of your life, a little extra good fortune in 2021 can't hurt, and what better way to get that than by trying some of these lucky foods for the new year?
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