19 Top-Notch Jigsaw Puzzles You Can Buy Today
Country Living 2hrs ago
Let's face it: Everyone in the family has had their fill of screen time. It's time to put up the cellphones, turn off the video game consoles, and clear off the kitchen table because jigsaw puzzles are back in a big way! By this point, you've probably made your way through the best classic kids movies and best board games for kids and even made and played some outdoor games. These puzzles will help fill those "I'm bored!" hours of the day. Keep in mind that puzzles, like all board games, have a recommended age range. In general, the more pieces, the harder the puzzle. A 1,000-piece puzzle should take several days to complete, and the youngest members of your family might find them a bit too hard.Not only are puzzles proven to sharpen fine-motor skills, improve memory function, and reduce stress, but a recent Yale University study showed that jigsaw puzzles can even help build teamwork and cooperation (can they keep the kids from arguing? It's worth a try!). These jigsaw puzzles are challenging enough that they perfect for adults, too. So tell Netflix, "No, I'm not still watching!" and give these a try.
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