This Is the Greediest State in America
Best Life 2hrs ago
This Is the Greediest State in America Despite being taught to share by our kindergarten teachers, everyone has been driven by greed at some point in their lives. But which state has the greediest people of them all? At Best Life, we crunched the numbers to find out.To get to the bottom of greed in America, we looked at three different metrics. First, we used the Forbes 2020 billionaires list and data from the U.S. Census Bureau to measure the number of billionaires per 10 million people in each state. This shows us where the very richest of the rich file their taxes. While it's worth noting that some billionaires may move to states with a lower tax burden, others still reside in the states they started out in, such as Walmart heirs Jim and Rob Walton, who live in Bentonville, Arkansas.Next, we used WalletHub's Most Sinful States index to measure greed based on the number of casinos per capita, gambling-related arrests per capita, charitable donations compared to income, and several other similar metrics—the higher the number on the 50-point scale, the greedier the state. We also examined the Gini coefficient—a mathematical measurement that quantifies income inequality—for each state, which was adapted to a 100-point scale by Zippia. So, the higher the Gini coefficient, the greater disparity there is in wealth distribution in the state. Finally, we gave each of these metrics a weighted value before running them through our exclusive algorithm to see where they scored on our Greed Index, where 0 is the least greedy state and 100 is the most.Overall, our analysis found some surprising things. New York, the state with the highest income inequality, was also WalletHub's least greedy state–likely due to the state's lack of casinos and other legal gambling options. In addition, there was little geographical consistency in regards to greed, with at least one state from both coasts and both borders making it into the top 10. Read on to discover the greediest state in America and find out out where yours ranks in comparison. And for the place that's seriously lacking in the generosity department, This Is the Most Selfish State in America.Read the original article on Best Life.
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