Dr. Fauci Says You Can Start Doing This Once You're Fully Vaccinated
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Dr. Fauci Says You Can Start Doing This Once You're Fully Vaccinated As eligibility expands for the COVID vaccine, more people are weighing whether to make an appointment—and not everyone is enthusiastic. That's because, after a difficult year of restrictions, some have been discouraged to learn some of the ways life will not immediately change after getting fully vaccinated: for instance, having to to wear masks and keep six feet apart until we've determined key facts about transmissibility. But according to White House COVID advisor Anthony Fauci, MD, there's one exciting way life will change post-vaccine—and it's reason enough to get vaccinated at your earliest opportunity. In a Feb. 25 interview with Chris Cuomo for Cuomo Prime Time on CNN, Fauci shared that becoming vaccinated will allow you to have other vaccinated people in your home again. Read on to learn what Fauci had to say of this exciting news, and for tips on what not to do after vaccination, Don't Go to This One Place After Getting Vaccinated, Doctors Warn.Inviting Fauci to make his case for the vaccine, Cuomo relayed a question he said he’s heard repeatedly from those who have yet to commit to vaccination. “Here’s one of the big things that I get from people: ‘Why should I get this vaccine? What’s in it for me?’ It’s getting transactional,” said Cuomo.“Well I think what you’re going to start seeing really soon—we’ve had some serious discussions with our colleagues at the CDC—is what happens when you’ve got two vaccinated people,” Fauci began. “Back before vaccination if they wanted to come visit you, they’d have to quarantine for a while, get tested, wear a mask. What we’re saying right now—even though it’s not backed by data, it’s backed by common sense— is that if you have two vaccinated people and they want to get together—be they family members or friends that you know are vaccinated—you can start getting together as individual people, even if the risk is not zero,” he said.While NBC reports that Fauci continues to be cautious in his own home, he and his wife now allow people who have been fully vaccinated and in rare instances, family members who have been regularly tested. “The risk becomes extremely low when you have both parties vaccinated. So we’re going to start seeing people saying, ‘hey, the more people get vaccinated, I can have dinner with my family member that comes in,” Fauci added.The benefits of vaccination are significant on many levels, he argued: we all stand to benefit “personally, socially, and from a public health standpoint.” And while there’s no doubting Fauci’s commitment to fighting COVID from a public health perspective, he shared what he personally looks forward to most. “When my daughter wants to come in here and she’s doubly vaccinated, I’m going to have her over to the house and I’m going to give her a big hug that I haven’t been able to do for a year,” he said. Looking for more pearls of wisdom from Dr. Fauci? Read on for more insights from his interview with Chris Cuomo, and to learn more about vaccination, Dr. Fauci Says Don't Do This After Your First COVID Shot.
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