Brad Paisley gifts guitar, offers free groceries to Nashville bombing victim
Wonderwall 2hrs ago

Brad Paisley is lending a helping hand to a musician who lost his home in the Christmas morning bombing in Nashville.

Buck McCoy was in his downtown Nashville apartment Christmas morning when a bomb exploded and completely destroyed his home. His guitar was also lost. Following the incident, Brad caught wind of Buck's plight and took action. 

"I went to my Instagram and there was a message, and I was like, this must be some kind of prank," Buck told WKRN of Brad reaching out. "You know, one of my funny buddies saying 'let's cheer Buck up.' No, it was actually him, and he wanted to talk to me and he said, 'I want to hook you up with a guitar so you can get back to work and make a living.'"

Brad wasn't done either, as he used his Facebook page to encourage his fans to help Buck out via a GoFundMe page. Plus, Brad also offered Buck unlimited groceries at his place, The Store, which offers food to struggling families.

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"I can't just sit around and think about it over and over and the memory comes back," Buck said. "It's just, I need to create new memories; I need to create fun experiences, and then water those experiences and let those old weeds die in the back."

In addition to Brad's generosity, there have been several moments of happiness this week for Buck, as he was recently reunited with his cat, Molly, who escaped during the chaos of the Christmas morning explosion.

On Jan. 2, superstar John Rich tweeted that Buck, who often performs at John's Redneck Riviera honkey tonk, recovered his guitar from the debris of his apartment. 

"We all love ya bro!" John tweeted alongside a photo of Buck holding his guitar and cat in each hand. "I know you're so happy to have them back."

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