The Most Powerful Pop Culture Moments of 2020
Redbook 2hrs ago
Let's face it ... 2020 was not a normal year. With the coronavirus pandemic uprooting much of our lives, the world in 2020 was quite an unprecedented one defined by social distancing, doom-scrolling and plenty of Zoom calls in our sweatpants. But during these uncertain times, one thing that had our backs like never before was the year's pop culture and entertainment — because what else could have kept us sane throughout quarantine if not for binge-watching Tiger King, listening to "WAP" or endlessly scrolling on TikTok?Whether you obsessed over Love Is Blind when it first came out or witnessed Parasite making history at the Oscars (did all those things really happen this year?!), these moments in pop culture and entertainment were ones to remember — and definitely provided us some bright spots in the dark, hectic year that was 2020. So before stepping into 2021 with plenty of New Year's resolutions (because we definitely need to make next year better than the last), here's a look at 29 of the most powerful moments from 2020 that defined our year.
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