Louis Gossett Jr. leaves hospital, more famous people diagnosed with COVID-19
Wonderwall 2hrs ago
COVID-19 doesn't care who you are or how famous you might be. Since early 2020, many of the biggest names in Hollywood, sports, royalty and politics have contracted the coronavirus. Wonderwall.com rounded up all the well-known people who've had the virus, starting with this film star... Actor Louis Gossett Jr. -- who's best known for his work in "An Officer and a Gentleman" and "Roots" -- was diagnosed with COVID-19 in late December and admitted to a Georgia hospital, but he insisted on leaving and heading home to recover after just a few days because, according to a Dec. 31, 2020, report from TMZ, the wave of coronavirus deaths on his ward "freaked him out," the webloid wrote. He checked out on Dec. 29 and went home to isolate, later telling TMZ, "Please wear masks, social distance, isolate, pray and listen within. We cannot survive without one another."
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