This flop from Kentucky DB Brandin Echols is performance art
For The Win 2hrs ago

Flopping is the absolute worst in sports…until it’s not. Sometimes, flopping is good.

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Look, deceiving the officials is always something that should be frowned upon. But it can also pretty funny, though.

Case in point: The flop that Kentucky defensive back Brandin Echols just did against North Carolina State in the Gator Bowl is just pure comedy. He was defending a play when the NC State quarterback threw an incomplete pass. NC State receiver Devin Carter decided to give Echols a shove after the play.

Now, was it a particularly hard shove? No, not at all. It was a good one — don’t get it twisted. But it leans more in the slight mush range than an actual hard push. It was harmless.

Of course, you couldn’t tell that from the way Echols reacted to the play. It was like someone had just knocked him out.

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The push (and the flop) were so devastating that his teammates had to resuscitate him. My goodness. What strength Carter must have in those arms.

Not only were this flop and his teammates’ subsequent actions hilarious, but they were also effective. They actually drew a flag on the play.

Listen, flopping is bad. But if you’re flopping like this? You deserve some sort of an award. An Oscar, a grammy, a VMA. Don’t care. Somebody get Echols and his teammates something. They’ve earned it.


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