Families reveal the festive moments that didn't quite go to plan
Daily Mail 2hrs ago
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People often put pressure on themselves to make sure everything goes smoothly on Christmas Day - but we've all experienced the pain of a festive mishap.

Whether it's underwhelming presents or a photobombing pet in the annual family snap, there's no stopping some holiday moments from being slightly ruined. 

So spare a thought for these unlucky social media users from around the world, who shared images of their festive disasters online, with the best examples featuring in a gallery on Bored Panda. 

One man opened a present to find it was the same outfit he was already wearing, while a woman revealed the handmade notes she was sharing to inform all her loved ones that their gifts were still in the post.

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Gallery: Families reveal festive moments that didn't quite go to plan (Daily Mail)

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