Every Potential Jeopardy! Host
E! 2hrs ago
Betty White Okay, this one is admittedly a bit of a stretch, the legendary actress and comedian unlikely to pivot into a full-time role more than eight decades into her career. But she was the first name that Alex Trebek mentioned to Vulture in 2018 when asked who he'd pick to succeed him. "I suspect that the producers might give serious consideration to having a woman host. She'll obviously be younger; she'll have to be personable, bright, have a sense of humor," he said before nominating the now 98-year-old Golden Girls star. While he allowed it was a bit of a running joke between pals, White having once told the New York Post she watches Jeopardy! because "I happen to have a huge crush on the host, Alex Trebek," the two were friendly, so she undoubtedly had his blessing. And it's likely she gleaned some tips during her 18-year marriage to Password host Allen Ludden. So we're more than here for it. 
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