The 25 best films about being a writer
Yardbarker 2hrs ago
The 25 best films about being a writer There is nothing less cinematic than the process of writing. It's a solitary, sedentary profession. You sit at a desk, you stare at the word processor of your choosing and you churn out copy. Sometimes you have the luxury of waiting for inspiration to strike; other times, you've got a deadline to hit, and you live with whatever spills from your brain to your fingertips. But what comes in between knocking out your novel or screenplay or article or what have you can be fairly interesting. Also, stumbling across the inspiration to your magnum opus can be a story in itself. Twenty years ago, Michael Chabon's struggle to write his follow-up to "Mysteries of Pittsburgh" resulted in "Wonder Boys." This is just one of many great films about the craft of writing. Let's revisit some of the best.
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